CollegeHumor’s Jake and Amir entertain students

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April 11, 2011, 2:33 a.m.

Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, both writers for the popular Internet humor site, brought CollegeHumor Live to Dinkelspiel Auditorium on Sunday night, along with executive editor Streeter Seidell and stand-up comic Anthony Jeselnik.

The Stanford Improvisers (SImps) opened the performance, the first event of the Stanford Speakers Bureau’s “April Fools and Drools” series, with a few games of “World’s Worst.”

The SImps were followed by Jake and Amir, the stars of a Webby award-winning online series called “Jake and Amir.” The series is premised on the relationship between the awkward Amir and the “cool” Jake, who fluctuates between being a regular guy and being desperately obsessed with appearing cool.

The comedic duo continued their usual act for this performance, with Amir continually calling Jake his best friend while Jake insisted the opposite. After a few jokes, including Amir calling his erect penis a great “bagel-holder” and calling Mark Zuckerberg “Zard Fuckerberg,” Amir’s act prompted Jake to incredulously ask, “Do you even hear what you say?”

Their act was followed by Seidell, a stand-up comedian in his own right, whose act focused on the issues of fat people. Recounting the story of how he gained 60 pounds in college, Seidell told the audience that the signs you are getting fat include not being able to breathe when you try to tie your shoes and taking drastic measures to ensure a spot on the bottom during sex.

After Jake and Amir briefly took the stage again, Jeselnik performed his stand-up act. Jeselnik’s performance, previously featured on Jimmy Fallon and the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, was an abrasive crowd favorite. It featured jokes about Asian stereotypes, running a negative campaign in high school against a girl in a wheelchair, telling a smelly Eastern-European dormmate to “get out of my country” and claiming people who get offended at jokes are “fucking stupid.” His act was characterized by a straight-faced telling of offensive stories, a tact which the audience loved.

The show concluded with a contest in which members of the audience who admitted to knowing embarrassing trivia, such as three Justin Bieber songs or four characters from Twilight, were awarded with free t-shirts and books.

Audience member, Nadia Smati ’14, said her favorite part was seeing Jake and Amir. “I’ve been a fan for a while,” she said. “It was very cool to see them live.”

Many audience members stayed after the show to meet and take pictures with Jake and Amir, as well as to talk to Seidell.

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