Pro-Palestine protesters detained following occupation of president’s office, face immediate suspension

June 5, 2024, 9:47 a.m.

Protesters who barricaded themselves in the president’s office were detained by the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) and the County Sheriff’s Office. They face immediate suspension, according to University spokesperson Dee Mostofi.  

Protesters entered the building around 5:30 a.m. and proceeded to block doors and windows. A Daily reporter, who was present to cover the protest, was among those detained. 

“All arrested students will be immediately suspended and in case any of them are seniors, they will not be allowed to graduate,” Mostofi wrote. 

The University started to suspend students on Wednesday, per a letter obtained by The Daily. Arrested students were temporarily banned from campus starting from now to when OSC proceedings were completed. The Daily has reached out to the University for comment.

An AlertSU circulated to community members shared that 13 individuals who unlawfully entered the building were detained. According to the alert, the building is now secure, but with extensive damage and will remain closed until tomorrow. 

Some classes in the vicinity moved to zoom following the protests. A professor wrote in an email obtained by The Daily that they were asked to make classes virtual due to the events that unfolded in Main Quad.

“A DPS officer was injured after being shoved by protesters who were interfering with a transport vehicle,” wrote University spokesperson Dee Mostofi in a statement to The Daily. 

“We have consistently emphasized the need for constructive engagement and peaceful protest when there is a disagreement in views,” Mostofi added. “This was not a peaceful protest and actions such as what occurred this morning have no place at Stanford.”

Protesters barricaded doors with bike locks, chains, ladders and chairs and covered security cameras with tin foil. Police officers entered the building by using a crowbar on the back door and breaking a window.

According to a press release, protesters “renamed Building 10 ‘Dr. Adnan’s Office’ in honor of Dr. Adnan al-Bursh, the Palestinian General Surgeon who was murdered in April by Israel’s genocidal campaign.”

Protesters occupied the office for under two hours, before they were removed by SUDPS and escorted away in vans. 

Pro-Palestine protesters detained following occupation of president's office, face immediate suspension
(Photo: DILAN GOHILL/The Stanford Daily)

Protesters who entered the building were prepared to be arrested: An organizer “stated that they’re making an informed decision and that this is something that they feel inclined to do because of the sense of urgency,” according to the media liaison for the autonomous group who planned the occupation. She requested anonymity because of fear of retaliation.

Individuals spray painted various parts of Main Quad with phrases including “Death 2 US,” “Kill cops,” “Pigs taste best dead,” “Pigs R Haram” and “AmeriKKKa.”

Organizers denounced the spray paint. They wrote on social media that they “completely disassociate” from the spray paint and vandalism and that the “actions are disrespectful to the souls of the Palestinians who have passed.”

Pro-Palestine protesters detained following occupation of president's office, face immediate suspension
(Photo: CAROLINE CHEN/The Stanford Daily)

According to their Instagram account, a student who was filming arrests was “pinned down” by police. 

Organizers posted on social media that they are holding an emergency rally at the Santa Clara County Main Jail to demand the release of detained students. 

This story is breaking and will be updated.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the graffiti contained antisemitic slurs. Spray paint referencing “pigs” was interpreted by some as antisemitic and by others as anti-police. Another graffitied phrase “De@th 2 Isr@hell” was also interpreted as antisemitic. This article was updated to quote directly from the vandalism.

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