Fall 2020 Multimedia Workshop Final Projects

The Fall 2020 Multimedia Workshop was a 4-week all-remote program for high schoolers interested in podcast, photo and video journalism. Over the course of the program, participants learned about the technical and non-technical components of production, including how to conduct remote video and audio interviews, editing, scripting and more. Students were encouraged to create final projects in any multimedia medium, building up to a project showcase at the program’s end.

Projects are linked below:


  1. Rachel Wu  — How COVID-19 Impacted City Experiences
  2. Mahbuba Sumiya — Speak for Justice
  3. Maya Swaminathan — Adapting to College Life During Covid-19 
  4. Camryn Bryant — The Beverly Chat  
    Testimonial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g35xwBTXD8IZnmxfKj1HuErNyFbNX7ykMOIKYcjiWoE/edit
  5. Anna-Kate Miedler — Thinking Sustainably 
  6. Claire Liang — Meghan McClure on Stanford Women’s Volleyball 


  1. Manar Lezaar — American, Moroccan professors discuss economic impacts of Covid-19 in their nations 


  1. Andie Liu — Writers at Stanford
    At Stanford, storytelling is ever present — with students developing their interests and discovering themselves in classes and in their personal lives, they have a lot to say. Some have found a platform for their words on social media and in published novels. Others write their short stories and poetry, stowed away in a Google Doc.


  1. Dana Lee and Emanuela Fabbri — The Path to Admissions as an International Student
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