Opening of Coupa Cafe pushed back

Jan. 4, 2010, 12:03 a.m.

Site of former MoonBean’s may remain vacant until Feb.

Coupa Café will not be open for the start of winter quarter, and the kiosk that once held MoonBean’s Coffee will remain empty until mid-February – at the earliest.

The site remains vacant due to continuing negotiations over the building permit. Accommodating Coupa’s food service required retrofitting the MoonBean’s site, as well as meeting county regulations for food preparation.

“The permitting business all has to do with expanding the food service at the kiosk,” said Andrew Herkovic, director of communications and development for Stanford Libraries.

Stanford is currently awaiting word on its latest permit application. When a building permit is issued, contractors are then expected to take five weeks for construction at the site. Coupa Café will then need time to dress and finalize the site following construction.

“Assuming that the latest negotiation will satisfy the county, we are looking at mid-February [for an opening],” Herkovic said.

If permit negotiations extend longer, the Coupa opening could be delayed even further.

According to Herkovic, as of Jan. 5 an automated espresso machine will be available in Meyer Library. Herkovic said the machine was “not a solution,” but that its presence would serve some of the needs of students, particularly during late-night hours.

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