ASSU airport shuttle posts $2000 loss

Jan. 12, 2010, 12:01 a.m.

More than 800 students bought tickets for the ASSU airport shuttle fall quarter, according to numbers released today by the executive office.

ASSU President David Gobaud ’08 M.S. ‘10 said the fall program cost $13,108.86, funded by the Stanford Student Enterprises, and brought in $11,089.87 in ticket revenue, translating to a total loss of $2018.99 and amounting to a loss of $2.37 per each of the 851 students who bought tickets. A total of $7,000 was originally budgeted for the fall program, according to Gobaud.

The program sold 681 tickets at $14 and 170 tickets at $16. The difference between sales and revenue went to eGroups transaction fees, according to Gobaud. The final numbers may change slightly after accounting for about $200 in refunds, Gobaud added.

The average cost per rider came to $16.76 after ticket revenues and the $2.37 per student loss. Last spring, the ASSU spent $6,236 to ferry 114 students to airports, with ticket revenue totaling $1,238.04.

The executives compared the program to similar local options like SuperShuttle, which charges $26 for a ride from Stanford to San Francisco or San Jose airports and offers a Stanford discount.

The ASSU airport shuttle program began in 2007.

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