Four car burglaries reported on weekend

Jan. 26, 2010, 12:01 a.m.

The Stanford Police Department reported a total of four car burglaries this weekend. The incidents were suspected to have occurred late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

Of the four cars, three were parked side by side in the Lagunita Parking Lot and one vehicle was in the Wilbur Parking Lot. In light of the unusually high number of break-ins for a single weekend, Bill Larson, spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, advised students to take extra precautions with their vehicles.

“Never leave your valuables in your car in plain view,” he said. “Burglars like to do window shopping before selecting a vehicle.”

Among the valuables taken were two GPS units, an item Larson said is becoming an increasingly popular target for car thieves.

“Now we’re warning people not to leave a GPS exposed in their vehicle, as two of the four cars burglarized had GPS systems in them,” he said.

Among the other items taken were an iPod, a backpack and several articles of clothing.

According to the Stanford Police Department, there are usually about two car burglaries per weekend. Officials are unsure if the incidents in Wilbur and Lagunita were related.

Samantha McGirr contributed to this report.

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