Steven Chu, Van Jones to speak here spring quarter

Feb. 19, 2010, 1:03 a.m.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, a former Stanford physics professor, is set to visit campus Mar. 8 to speak on “issues facing global energy,” ASSU executives said Thursday.

Van Jones, a former advisor in the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is also set to visit campus on Apr. 17 as part of a spring sustainability push student government leaders described at last night’s “State of the Association” event.

To a roomful of students at Tresidder Oak Lounge on Thursday, executives David Gobaud, a coterminal student in computer science, and Andy Parker ’11 offered a recap of their and their team’s work this year, including the planned visits by Chu and Jones and a host of other initiatives ranging from disability access to putting printers in Old Union.

The executives’ cabinet members for disabilities and accessible education are nearly ready to roll out a clearinghouse Web site for disability resources at Stanford, and hope to name the campus’ most “disability-friendly” dorms ahead of the spring housing draw, they reported yesterday.

In Haiti efforts, the executives highlighted the more than $300,000 raised for earthquake relief last month in partnership with 25 other American colleges.

John Pearson, the director of Bechtel International Center, will answer students’ questions on immigration at a Feb. 22 town hall meeting.

The undergraduate health and wellness team said campus would be dotted spring quarter with sexual assault prevention posters, part of their year-long campaign against sexual violence.

After releasing a technology needs survey to students last month, technology cabinet members said they are looking into the possibility of putting printers and projection screens into Old Union work rooms.

The annual “State of the Association” event was Webcast live on Thursday.

-Elizabeth Titus

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