Sense and Nonsense: “iWeek: Immigration Week”

Opinion by Aysha Bagchi
Feb. 26, 2010, 12:30 a.m.

Sense and Nonsense: “iWeek: Immigration Week”As the daughter of an immigrant, immigration and questions of citizenship have always been a part of how I understand the world. But it was not until last year, when I went to Arizona on an Alternative Spring Break trip focused on immigration, that I developed a deeper sensitivity to these issues.


My spring break trip involved a variety of experiences, from volunteering with an aid organization that provides water in the desert to touring the largest border patrol facility in the country, as well as speaking with border patrol officers, immigration lawyers and various activists in Arizona. For two nights, we camped in tents and experienced the bitter cold that migrants feel as they traverse the dangerous terrain by night, the time when they are least likely to be spotted. During the hot afternoon, we hiked the migrant trails, where scattered clothing, backpacks, energy drink