Election: four exec slates have more than 100 signatures each

March 3, 2010, 1:01 a.m.

Three days remain for hopeful ASSU candidates and special fees groups to secure enough signatures for a spot on the April 8 ballot.

In the race for ASSU Executive, four prospective slates are each more than halfway to the 200-signature threshold. At about 9 p.m. Tuesday, graduate students Ryan Peacock and Jonathan Bakke had collected 148 signatures, according to Elections Commissioner Quinn Slack ’11.

Juniors Thom Scher and Stephanie Werner had collected 181 signatures; Katharine Heflin ‘11 and Daniel Leifer ’10, 107; and Billy Kemper ’11 and Josh Meisel ’12, 146.

Two test petitions created by current ASSU President David Gobaud, a co-terminal student, have been hidden on the Web site after Slack declared them invalid. Gobaud said that while testing the site, he found a bug that could allow SUNet ID holders to be unwittingly signed up as candidates, and that the bug remains to be fixed.

In other election news, assistant elections commissioner for graduate students Ashwin Mudaliar ’09 M.S. ’10 resigned Monday, citing an inability to commit sufficient time to the commission. Slack put out a call for a replacement Tuesday.

As of Monday, about 60 percent of all undergraduates had signed at least one petition, Slack said.

–Elizabeth Titus

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