The Daily brief: July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010, 5:15 p.m.

A Good Deal for $200k | A new study from PayScale rates Stanford as 6th in a list of universities that give the best return on investment, behind MIT, CalTech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd and Dartmouth. The study calculated the average four-year cost at Stanford as $191,800 with a 30-year return of $1,565,000, making a 12.3 percent return on  investment.

Overheard | Law professor Michael McConnell, who argued in front of the Supreme Court in the case Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, offered his two cents on the court’s Monday ruling in favor of the University’s decision to bar funding and recognition to a group that excluded leadership positions from homosexuals.

Biking for the Best Fit | A group of college counselors have been spending the past seven summer biking to various colleges to explore them closer and to gain a better understanding of their offerings, all in the name of finding best-fit colleges for their students. This year, the pelleton hits California colleges, including Stanford, during its two-week, two-wheel voyage.

The Stanford Weekly | The Stanford Daily publishes weekly during the summer, with the first issue on stands Thursday. Recap of Medvedev’s speech, Faculty Senate, conflict minerals update, Pac-10 expansion and more on our website.

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Ellen Huet is currently a senior staff writer at The Daily; she joined the staff in fall 2008 and served one volume as managing news editor in fall and early winter of 2010-2011. Reach her at ehuet at stanford dot edu. Fan mail and sternly worded complaints are equally welcome.

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