The Daily brief: Aug. 6, 2010

Aug. 6, 2010, 6:32 p.m.

Prop. 8 in Senatorial, Gubernatorial Elections | “It’s a danger to both parties if you have big chunks of your own constituency that are on the other side of the issue,” said political science professor Morris Fiorina (no relation to Carly), of the Boxer-Fiorina and Whitman-Brown races, as all candidates edge around discussing the Prop. 8 ruling.

Not-So-Private Mode | Computer science professor Dan Boneh finds that browser add-ons and other miscellany may negate any security that “private mode” options on browsers provide. And in the most underwhelming assertion of the study, it finds that “private browsing was most popular when people visited adult sites.”

Changing Minds | Stanford researchers find that people are more likely to address prejudiced behavior in others if they perceive the others as capable of changing their opinions.

Insider Peeks | Two perspectives of two Stanford institutions: SLAC and the GSB.

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Ellen Huet is currently a senior staff writer at The Daily; she joined the staff in fall 2008 and served one volume as managing news editor in fall and early winter of 2010-2011. Reach her at ehuet at stanford dot edu. Fan mail and sternly worded complaints are equally welcome.

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