Top five ‘I Spy FMOTQ’

Oct. 22, 2010, 12:30 a.m.

Top five 'I Spy FMOTQ'Full Moon on the Quad is rearing its disease-ridden head on Monday night, and if you want to keep something occupied other than your mouth, make sure you see these attractions. For the two classes that have yet to experience this unremarkable tradition, no there won’t be any werewolves (sorry, Team Jacob), but you can expect to find these FMOTQ staples.

(1) Creepy people

This category contains everyone from Palo Alto randos to the bingo board-wearing seniors (blackout takes on new meanings) to that odd kid in your IHUM section. Like zoos, some things are better experienced from afar.

(2) Super Mash Brothers

The Sophomore Class Cabinet has partnered with the Stanford Concert Network to bring the L.A. group to campus. The concert kicks off in White Plaza at 10 p.m. before people will be herded en masse to the Quad at 11 p.m.

(3) Angry administrators

Always expecting a riot to break out, these poor souls have to give up their Monday night to watch teenagers drool all over each other. General rule: don’t attempt a make-out session with someone wielding a walkie-talkie.

(4) Naked people

Sometimes they will paint themselves, more often they won’t. Don’t scrutinize too closely – that probably is your TA.

(5) Daily photographers

Tuesday’s paper will feature roughly three to four large photos of the world’s most awkward tongue embraces. So if you see a flash when you’re mid-smooch, that isn’t fireworks.

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