Alleged burglar may have used alias while working in dining hall

Nov. 1, 2010, 2:22 a.m.

A 20-year-old man who was arrested on campus on Oct. 19 for allegedly burglarizing a Palo Alto home may have used an alias while working in a Stanford dining hall, Lt. Sandra Brown of the Palo Alto Police Department told The Daily.

Brown told the San Jose Mercury News after the arrest that Jose Luis Fernandez of East Palo Alto worked in a Stanford dining hall, but Eric Montell, the executive director of Stanford Dining, has since said he cannot find Fernandez’s name in Dining’s employment records.

In an e-mail to The Daily, Montell said Dining’s records “did not indicate a person by this name having worked in any of the Stanford Dining locations.”

Bill Larson, a spokesman for the Stanford Department of Public Safety, confirmed the arrest took place on the Stanford campus but would not offer further comment, as the alleged crime is under the jurisdiction of the Palo Alto Police Department.

Brown said investigators involved in Fernandez’s case provided the information that he was affiliated with Stanford Dining. Knowledge of Fernandez’s schedule at a dining hall, she said, prompted the arrest.

The absence of Fernandez’s name from Stanford Dining employee records might be attributed to Fernandez’s possible use of an alias. “We have what’s known as AKAs, or ‘also known as’ names,” Brown said. “He may have been using an AKA while he was working at a dining hall.”

Fernandez faces jail time if he is found guilty of the Oct. 8 burglary, in which he allegedly broke into a couple’s home while they slept inside, stole several items and took off in the couple’s Volkswagen. He was already on probation for similar charges, and he now faces more serious consequences for his breach of probation restrictions.

“He was on probation for burglary, and he violated his probation,” Brown said. “He’s going to be in jail for a long time.”

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