The App Roundup: Nov. 1

Nov. 1, 2010, 12:01 p.m.

The App Roundup: Nov. 1
(ISAAC GATENO/The Stanford Daily)


CNET TV allows you to watch video content from tech media giant on your iOS device. You can watch anything from short clips to entire shows. The app allows you to browse by date, popularity or show. You can also search by keywords like the name of your favorite host or hostess. The interface is nice and slick and the streaming works well over WiFi. All free and app supported.


The App Roundup: Nov. 1
(TIM SHI/The Stanford Daily)


In need of a place for all your travel information while on the go? Check out TripTracker. It’s available in both a free and a $0.99 ad-free app and is a really handy thing to keep in your pocket as you travel. TripTracker creates a space to add flights, hotels and rental cars to keep all of the important data in one place. Things like confirmation numbers, flight numbers and frequent flyer numbers are made easy to access as well as up-to- date info about flight statuses, gate numbers and the weather at your destination. Additionally, the app can “automagically” add reservations data to the app based on stored frequent flyer numbers, making it even easier to find all of your data in one place.
Next time you’re heading out of town download TripTracker and try it out, I find it incredibly helpful.


VLC Media player

Techies the world over have known two things since the beginning of time:
1) Any device with the name iAnything has trouble playing nice with video formats that are not MP4 or H.264.
2) Any media player called VLC can pretty much play any music format ever.
Well now everything we know has gone down the drain because VLC is available for iOS, which means that your iSomething device can now play nice with video. I have lost all my sense of identity and am wandering, alone in a strange world. I’m sure the Large Hadron Collider will open a black hole that will swallow us any minute now…


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