‘Beat Cal’ on the 7 summits

Nov. 19, 2010, 4:25 p.m.

Victor Vescovo ’88 wrote to us with the following:

'Beat Cal' on the 7 summits
Courtesy of Victor Vescovo

I wanted to forward on to you a rather unique picture that has been about 20 years in the making.

On May 24 at 8:14 a.m., I had the great luck to be able to summit Mt. Everest. I am a graduate of the class of 1988 (entered in 1984, however, and technically graduated at the end of summer 1987).

I say 20 years because I climbed my first high-altitude peak, Kilimanjaro, in 1988 and have been climbing higher and higher ever since. Actually, with my ascent of Everest I completed the so-called “Seven Summits” — the highest peak on each of the world’s seven continents. I also took a “Beat Cal” sign up each of those peaks as well.

Vescovo, who majored in economics and political science at Stanford, blogged about his Everest ascent here. The Texas resident included photos from all seven summits and added: “Hope you enjoy the pictures and that it helps inspire the team and students. Go Cardinal! Beat Cal!”

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