Kappa Sigma set to make appearance before nationals to discuss alcohol allegations

Jan. 28, 2011, 3:04 a.m.

About 20 Kappa Sigma members are set to travel to Las Vegas this weekend to meet with the fraternity’s national Supreme Executive Committee (SEC) to address allegations of misconduct that led to the chapter being put on suspension by the University last October.

Kappa Sigma set to make appearance before nationals to discuss alcohol allegations
Kappa Sigma, which was put on provisional alcohol and party suspension last October, will meet with the fraternity's national representatives to discuss allegations of misconduct. (FILE PHOTO/The Stanford Daily)

Mitchell Wilson, Kappa Sigma executive national director, called this weekend’s planned meeting a disciplinary hearing in which the committee, comprised of five members of the board of directors, five support staff and volunteer officers, will review allegations that the chapter violated the Kappa Sigma code of conduct.

“Kappa Sigma members will have the opportunity to come in and make their statements,” Wilson said. “The board can ask them questions and, if allegations are true, decide what will be done about it.”

Wilson said it is “more than likely” that the committee will make a decision regarding the allegations that day.

Harris Brown ’11, former Kappa Sigma president, said it was likely the chapter would know the results of the SEC appearance “shortly” after the discussion, but said the possible outcomes of the decision “span a wide spectrum.” He declined to say what consequences the group might face.

Wilson said the committee would evaluate a presentation by Kappa Sigma members based on the terms of the national organization’s code of conduct. He added that “each case is different” and that there is not a “real set form of discipline.”

Asked about the possible outcomes of the hearing, Wilson said it would be “irresponsible” of him to speculate.

The hearing is set for Kappa Sigma’s national convention, which happens twice a year.

Campus officials placed Kappa Sigma on provisional alcohol and party suspension in October after reports of an alleged unregistered event during New Student Orientation. A Greek organization can be put on suspension if it violates the University’s controlled substances and alcohol policy, which includes hosting parties during “dry” weekends.

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