The App. Roundup: Feb. 8

Feb. 8, 2011, 12:00 a.m.
The App. Roundup: Feb. 8
(ISAAC GATENO/The Stanford Daily)

IntoNow is a social network for television addicts. It includes all the usual suspect features: Push notifications, contact importing, Facebook, Twitter and even Netflix integration. With IntoNow, you can also discover new TV shows by checking what you’re friends are watching, what is popular with all IntoNow users, or by lists like “Not Your Typical Cartoons” or “Get Your Pixar On”.

The really cool feature of IntoNow is that when you want to “check in” your current TV show, all you have to do is hit the little green button in the middle and point your iPhone at your TV. IntoNow will recognize the show you are watching based on the audio. You don’t have to be watching a live broadcast for this feature to work. IntoNow claims that its app can recognize almost any TV from the past five years.

IntoNow also features a slick interface that is all around pretty snappy and polished.
You can get it in the App Store for free.


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