NYT subscription change won’t impact Stanford

March 30, 2011, 2:00 a.m.

Stanford readers will not be affected by the latest New York Times (NYT) digital subscription plan, according to library communications director Andrew Herkovic.

For full-text access of the paper’s content, users can search for the title “New York Times on the Web” in SearchWorks, the library search engine. Archived articles from 1851 to 2007 can be accessed via ProQuest Historical Newspapers, while stories from 1985 to the present can be accessed from NewsBank Access World News. Print editions of the Times are also available in several dining halls across campus, courtesy of the ASSU.

NYT announced March 17 a decision to limit digital access to their content to a maximum of 20 articles per calendar month for non-subscribers. The new policy will affect “its website and applications for smartphones and tablets,” the press release said.

Visitors to the site who wish to read more articles after exceeding their limit will be asked to become digital subscribers. Readers who subscribe to home delivery or the International Herald Tribune will not be affected by the new plan.

–Ivy Nguyen

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