ROTC: The debate in review

April 29, 2011, 2:05 a.m.
Army ROTC cadet Jimmy Ruck '11 instructs his peers during a training lab on the Santa Clara University campus, which has a cross-town agreement with Stanford. (Courtesy of Ann Thompson)

March 2010

Following a presentation by management science and engineering professor William Perry ’49 M.S. ’55 and history professor David Kennedy ’63, the Faculty Senate votes unanimously to establish an ad hoc committee charged with investigating the merits of an ROTC return to campus.

Please see ‘Faculty Senate talks ROTC,’ Mar. 5.

December 2010

The debate over ROTC gains steam at Stanford after Congress repeals the 17-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which barred gay and lesbian soldiers from serving openly in the military.

Please see ‘‘Don’t ask’ repeal jumpstarts ROTC debate,’ Jan. 5, 2011.

January 2011

The ASSU and the ad hoc committee jointly host a town hall forum open to the student body. Several students argue the military is still a discriminatory organization.

Please see ‘Students discuss discrimination, military-civilian divide,’ Jan. 12.

President Obama urges universities to “open their doors to ROTC” in his State of the Union address.

February 2011

Political science professor Condoleezza Rice and Hoover fellow George Shultz announce their support for a Stanford-endorsed ROTC program in a letter made public early this month.

Please see ‘Rice announces support for ROTC,’ Feb. 3.

Both pro- and anti-ROTC petitions begin circulating among the student body.

Please see ‘SSQL gathers signatures to protest ROTC’s return,’ Feb. 7 and ‘Conservatives petition for ROTC’s return,’ Feb. 28.

Former ASSU President Angelina Cardona ’11 authors a bill to place a “non-binding advisory measure question” on the spring general elections ballot to gauge student support for ROTC. Both the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate Student Council pass it unanimously.

Please see ‘Cardona authors advisory bill on ROTC,’ Feb. 8.

March 2011

Stanford Students for Queer Liberation (SSQL) President Alok Vaid-Menon ’13 files a case with the Constitutional Council against the ROTC advisory measure. The Council later votes 4-0 to rule the measure constitutional, keeping it on the spring ballot.

Please see ‘Case brought against ASSU ROTC advisory bill,’ Mar. 3 and ‘Constitutional council rules in favor of ROTC advisory bill,’ Mar. 12.

Harvard President Drew Faust recognizes ROTC on behalf of the university.

April 2011

Columbia votes to authorize the return of an ROTC program.

Students mobilize a “campaign to abstain” movement for the ROTC advisory ballot measure. Ultimately, 2,406 students vote in support of ROTC, 929 vote in opposition and 2,117 vote to abstain.

Please see ‘Groups advocate ‘abstain’ on ROTC measure,’ Apr. 7.

The ad hoc committee unanimously backs its report, which endorses a Stanford ROTC program.

Please see ‘Committee supports ROTC return,’ Apr. 25.

April 28, 2011

The Faculty Senate votes 28 in favor to invite ROTC back, with nine against and three abstentions.

Please see ‘Faculty Senate votes yes on ROTC return.’

–Kate Abbott


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