Top 5: Lady Gaga Extracurriculars

May 20, 2011, 12:31 a.m.

Although Intermission’s been sitting around, eagerly awaiting “Born This Way” (more specifically, to see if the allegedly “greatest album of this decade” sinks or soars), it’s clear the songstress herself has been doing anything but. Gaga’s been racking up quite a bit of hyphenates lately from singer-Star Wars nerd to songwriter-hat intern. Intermission’s here to chart our favorite Gaga side jobs. James Franco better watch his back.

V Magazine Columnist
Last week, Gaga made her debut as a columnist for V magazine, sprinkling her writing with obscure pop culture references and fun anecdotes from her pre-fame days.

Farmville Enthusiast
Gaga has single-handedly made the most awful app on Facebook slightly less awful. Players can visit “GagaVille” and unlock tracks from “Born This Way” until it disappears May 26.

E Street Band Fan Girl
While folks may compare her title single to a certain Material Girl’s repertoire, Gaga’s also been paying respects to the Boss. E Street saxophonist Clarence Clemons already made an appearance on two tracks — “The Edge of Glory” and “Hair.”

Hat Intern
Vogue UK reported that Gaga applied for an internship with hat designer Philip Treacy, the mastermind behind 36 of the hats worn at the Royal Wedding, including Princess Eugenie’s monstrosity.

Metro Editor in Chief
On Monday, Gaga guested as EIC of the London newspaper but naturally showed up for work in a beehive, fishnets and revealing brassiere top. It’s safe to say Intermission prays our own EIC never even considers trying to pull off such an outfit.

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