The Daily brief: June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011, 6:34 p.m.

New Bike Paths | The city of Palo Alto will soon issue Stanford a permit to build a bike path on Deer Creek Road, which connects Page Mill and Arastradero roads. To make room for the new path, the four-lane Deer Creek Road will be turned into three lanes.

Luck-y Plan | Star quarterback Andrew Luck was featured in Sports Illustrated, where he discussed his plans to finish college and his future in football. Find the article here.

Marine Hotspots | The migration patterns of two marine “hotspots” in the Pacific Ocean have been uncovered thanks to years of tagging and tracking by Stanford researchers. While previous research have tracked individual species, this paper is the first to compile data for several species at once.

Bad Newport News | Cigarette maker Lorillard, Inc. targeted its ads for its Newport cigarettes toward African American youth, according to a study from researchers at the School of Medicine. School neighborhoods with higher proportions of black students were more likely to have cheaper Newport cigarettes and more ads, the study found.

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