The Daily brief: July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011, 6:11 p.m.

Green Votes | 2012 presidential campaigners take heed: supporting the “green” movement is more likely to win you votes from Democrat and Independent voters, according to a new study from the Woods Institute. Republican voters, however, were not significantly affected by whether or not candidates took that stance.

E-phemeral Books | Stanford University Press is offering rental access to its e-books in an experiment to stoke more interest in its offerings. Instead of buying an e-book or paperback for $20, customers can opt to spend $5 to access the book for 14 days, or $10 to access the book for 60 days.

Broadband Solar Cells | Researchers in the department of Materials Sciences and Engineering have developed a set of materials that can use a broad range of wavelengths from sunlight, allowing future solar energy cells to convert more energy to electricity. This material, however, is still far from marketable — the next step is to make these materials into a solid, making them more suitable for forming solar cells.

Overheard | “The arguments made here all support full marriage equality.” — Law professor Jane Schacter in an article on the legal battle for gay marriage by the San Francisco Chronicle.

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