The Daily brief: July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011, 7:46 p.m.

Slow Burn | A small, prescribed burn will be conducted at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve July 18. The 1.2 acres to be burned has been extensively studied for 14 years and will be part of several studies on fighting forest fires in California.

Stopping Stereotypes |“Stereotype threat,” the idea that work will suffer if the individual fears that a poor performance will reinforce a negative stereotype, can be alleviated using value affirmation. A recent Stanford study found that if students were reminded of values that were important to them, they were less likely to be affected by the stereotype threat.

Wi-fi at Jasper Ridge| Jasper Ridge will be implementing an all-outdoor wireless LAN in the near future, allowing countless students and researchers to stay connected while at the biological preserve.

Overheard | “No one is going to get rich off farming. It’s not going to happen until farm sizes get bigger. That’s why millions of people are moving to the cities.” — Scott Rozelle, an expert on China’s rural economy at the Freeman Spogli Institute, on farming in China.

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