The Daily brief: July 22, 2011

July 23, 2011, 12:56 a.m.

Wolf Leads Pack | Contemporary Jewish Museum Director Connie Wolf  ’81 has been named the new director of the Cantor Arts Center. Wolf will be replacing current  director Tom Seligman on January 1, 2012, who has announced plans to retire after 20 years of leading the museum.

Stacking the Deck | Stanford researchers have found that automated shufflers deal more predictable hands than human shufflers. Since the makers of said machines are reportedly taking these results to heart and are setting out to improve their product, take that trip to Vegas soon.

Benefits of Vagueness  | Vagueness can sometimes lead to more success, according to a study by GSB professor Baba Shiv. That’s because, when presented with imprecise information and figures, we often take the more generous possibility to heart, encouraging us to continue toward our goal.

Overheard | “You have 17,000 Facebook friends, some of whom you’ve met before, and you plan on starting a company and getting filthy rich someday so that later you can “do good.” But, you know, first you have to get filthy rich.” — GQ magazine, in a list pitting Stanford against several other colleges.

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