Senate develops ticket reimbursement

Nov. 2, 2011, 2:20 a.m.

The ASSU Undergraduate Senate meeting Tuesday evening included discussion of the reimbursement program for USC tickets, an event sponsored by the ASSU called “OccupyWhat?” and Ground Up, the coffee shop organized by the Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), the financial arm of the ASSU.

Senator Ben Laufer ’12 detailed the exact procedure for obtaining refunds from the ASSU for tickets to the University of Southern California (USC) football game.

By dropping off the ticket receipt at the SSE offices on the first floor of Old Union and signing a form saying they submitted their receipt, students will be able to receive a $10 refund per ticket by a check. Laufer said he was not sure whether the amount refunded to students would increase if fewer students submit requests.

He also said he was not sure when checks would be distributed.

Senator Daniel DeLong ’13 introduced a new pet-project designed to promote advocacy by members of the ASSU on behalf of students. The program is designed to allow students the ability to request the aid of ASSU senators or executives when dealing with University officials.

DeLong noted many ASSU members have good working-relationships with University officials, and even related personal stories of how he has helped advocate on behalf of students successfully.

ASSU Executive President Michael Cruz ’12 informed the Senate of an event, sponsored by the ASSU Executive branch called “OccupyWhat?”

The event, scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 3, at 8:00 p.m. in Old Union 200, will feature a roundtable discussion by students, professors and administrators on what Stanford’s role in the nationwide Occupy movement should be.

Senators were encouraged to attend the grand opening of Ground Up, a coffee shop owned by SSE, scheduled for Nov. 9, at 395 Page Mill Road in the AOL building. According to its online menu, the shop will feature Blue Bottle coffee as well as sandwiches and dessert options.

Though no bills were presented for voting at the meeting, a member of the Stanford Baha’i Club was on-hand to inform the Senate about a bill for next week in support of Baha’is in Iran.

The bill would state ASSU Senate support of equal education opportunities for all members of Iranian society; it would also protest a recent crackdown by the Iranian government on Baha’is in Iran. Baha’is are a group traditionally persecuted in Iran, and the Baha’i club hopes that Stanford’s rejection of the tactics of the Iranian government will have an effect on the policies within Iran.

Senators expressed support for the bill, and Senator Brianna Pang ’13 suggested that the Senate co-sign any letters written to President John Hennessy requesting his action on the issue.

Brendan is a senior staff writer at The Stanford Daily. Previously he was the executive editor, the deputy editor, a news desk editor and a writer for the news section. He's a history major originally from New Orleans.

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