Finding FlashMob

Nov. 30, 2011, 2:01 a.m.

If you find yourself suddenly surrounded by a group of pillow-fighting students in a public place, don’t be alarmed — it may just be Stanford FlashMob.

Finding FlashMob
(SERENITY NGUYEN/The Stanford Daily)


Nora Lindstrom ’12 created the group in 2009 as a way to coordinate impulsive and outrageous stunts with a large group of people. Thirty to 40 students joined the first event, lured by the chance to do something spontaneous and completely bewildering to passersby.


The first event the group coordinated was a “freeze,” in which everyone stands still at a predetermined time and location. The effect of dozens of stationary students in the midst of tourists, other students and faculty was “pretty cool,” Lindstrom said.


Two years after its launch, the group is now on rockier footing. Lindstrom passed FlashMob to new leadership after the first year, hoping that it would continue to grow, but only one event was held — a large pillow fight organized by Theo Gibbs B.A. ’11 M.S. ’12 and Noemi Walzebuck ’13. Walzebuck hopes to make the pillow fight an annual tradition, with as many people participating as possible.


“I think it’s possible for FlashMob to become popular on campus, but the group will need lots of marketing and publicity to get a large number of members,” Lindstrom said.

Despite the complications in getting large groups of students together and coordinated, she is optimistic about a revival next year.


“I think flash mobs are awesome, and it would be great if someone started a new group,” she said.


–Sierra Freeman

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