Top 5 Stuff We Love

April 20, 2012, 12:39 a.m.

Clearly, Intermission loves a lot of stuff (judging by the theme of this week’s issue). In fact, we are obsessed with so many things that we literally couldn’t fit them all into articles. Here are the top five time-killers that didn’t make the cut.



Paper due tomorrow? Pinterest can guarantee that you will, in fact, not get even close to finishing. The website, created by a Yale graduate two years ago, allows users to pin photos on virtual “pinboards” according to their own interests. Anything you like—food, art, fashion, quirky sayings, wedding dresses (which may or may not dominate the average 20-year-old female’s Pinterest feed…)—can be dropped onto your boards, creating an eyegasm sure to entice even the most hardcore studiers. Students, beware.


The Hunger Games

What makes “The Hunger Games” so great is that it’s a movie that you can recommend to everyone—not just girls under the age of time-for-reality-to-set-in (cough cough, “Twilight”). There’s romance, sure, but it’s realistically awkward and not creepy; and of course, there are teenagers who are trained to kill from early ages, which will draw any guy’s attention. “The Hunger Games” is not only a great movie but also an epic trilogy of books sure to capture the heart of anyone old enough to stomach the gore.



Remember the day that singles jumped to $1.29 on iTunes? That was tragic. Luckly, Spotify can satisfy our music cravings without us having to pay five bucks just to download a couple songs to work out to. This free application links to Facebook and connects you to a world of music just about as comprehensive as that of iTunes. The only downside? They still don’t have Adele’s “21” or The Beatles.


The Dish

Working out is not so fun when you have to wait in line for a treadmill at the gym and everyone is apparently training for a marathon. Walking (or running, if you’re feeling ambitious) the Dish is a more social, relaxed way of getting a little bit of exercise in, as well as getting to see an incredible view of the Stanford area.


Springtime at Stanford

Fact number one: Classes can get really, really tough. Fact number two: Despite it being spring quarter, some of us can’t take 12 units, no matter how much we want to. However, the uber-relaxed atmosphere of Stanford in spring (as well as the absolutely perfect weather) makes textbook reading a little bit more bearable. If nothing else, when you’re biking to the library at night, your hands won’t lock up from the frigid air.

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