History Corner: Greek alcohol violations

May 2, 2012, 3:01 a.m.

With fraternity Kappa Sigma set to regain its housing for the 2012-13 academic year after losing it for one year due to concerns of excessive alcohol consumption and policy violations, The Daily took a look back at alcohol-related infringements committed by Greek groups in the past.

Alcohol policy infringements have not been limited to fraternities alone. In 1983, The Daily reported that sorority Pi Beta Phi was on probation for hazing with alcohol during the pledging process (“ResEd puts Pi Phis on probation,” April 25, 1985).

“‘At Wednesday’s party, pledges were taken to an off-campus bar, to the Mausoleum and finally to the Boathouse,’ [Row Director] Diana Conklin said.”

“‘Apparently several people were quite seriously drunk, to the point where they could barely stand,’ Conklin said.”

In 1993, The Daily reported on alleged rush infractions at fraternities Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). Both fraternities were accused of serving alcohol to minors during the rush process (“Two frats under fire for Rush infractions,” April 20, 1993).

“The alleged transgressions violate two different sets of rules,” the article read. “One is the rush code agreed upon by fraternities that stated Rush is to be dry this year–that no alcohol is to be served at Rush events. The other is a University policy that bans serving alcohol to minors.”

“‘We did nothing,’ [SAE co-president Aaron Hendelman] said. ‘There was never any alcohol served to any minors or rushees at an SAE Rush event.’”

“‘We haven’t quite made the paradigm shift realizing that you can’t buy rushees with alcohol,’ [Fraternal Affairs Adviser] Heather Dunn said. Dunn added, however, that ‘there are groups playing by the rules…and those men are to be commended.’”

During the ensuing five-week investigation, The Daily reported on May 11 that two SAE pledges were arrested for stealing 42 dollars worth of sheets from the Palo Alto Hyatt for a toga party that was to be held at the fraternity later that evening (“Two SAE pledges arrested for theft,” May 11, 1993).

“Director of Student Affairs Nanci Howe called the incident ‘really stupid.’ She said the SAE’s could face ‘fines, community service or special training,’” the article read.

The Daily later reported that Kappa Sigma admitted to serving alcohol during rush and would face a confidential penalty (“Kappa Sig admits serving alcohol during dry rush,” May 25, 1993).

More recently in 2004, sorority Delta Delta Delta was placed on a one-year suspension for hazing and underage alcohol consumption during the pledging process.

“At the event, four freshman football players hosted a ‘power hour’, during which four sorority pledges drank a shot of beer every minute for an hour, according to the police report regarding the incident. Five sorority members purchased the alcohol,” The Daily reported (“Tri Delt placed on suspension until June 2005,” Feb. 27, 2004).

No major alcohol related incidents have been reported this academic year.

                           – Natasha Weaser

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