SWL: A Medley

May 11, 2012, 12:35 a.m.

Why choose just one thing to love when there are so many options? (Sidenote: that could be the motto of college kids everywhere). We decided not to choose and in the spirit of all things lists, here’s a medley of things we’re loving this week. Other than college kids, of course.


Purity Ring: This boy/girl duo doesn’t even have a record out, but you can download the awesomely trippy track “Odebear” on their website for free. It’s ambient and groovy, and sounds a bit like Beach House. Like I said, awesomely trippy. A great soundtrack for certain things—like doing homework. Why, what were you thinking?


Jason Segel:  Although his new flick “The Five-Year Engagement” is sometimes too cute and not quite as charming as “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Jason Segel is just as lovable as the vulnerable loser. If Intermission could find a boyfriend as kind, funny, and totally in tune with our chick problems, well, we wouldn’t be writing this article right now, would we? Plus pirated re-runs of “Freaks and Geeks” still get us as tingly as they did when we were too young for TV-14.


Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets:  I know it looks like I’m trying to discreetly convince you to buy drugs, but fear not, I’m a kindly law-abiding citizen. Thanks to some protein found in the “Miracle Fruit,” bitter and sour foods suddenly taste mind-blowingly sweet. Apparently an orange will taste like heavenly nectar and a lemon will taste like a piece of candy. Winston, bring me the vegetables!


Longform.org: If you love good meaty journalism about the downfall of Sears, Joe Francis, the Google-sponsored race to the moon, the sinking of the Concordia cruise ships, murder cases, scandals and any other obscure topic that strikes your interest, you’ll find it here. The free site gathers and graciously distributes the best articles from The New Yorker, Esquire, Rolling Stone,and a host of other publications. Some are recent and some oldies, you know, like if you feel like going on the road with Axl Rose in 1991…


Japantown:  If you find the time to go to San Francisco, God bless you, tell me your secrets! Secondly, check out Japantown if you haven’t already. It’s less touristy and cleaner than Chinatown, plus it has an arcade of Japanese photobooths, mochi stands, killer sushi, and Sanrio galore, so you can indulge those fantasies of being a Harajuki doll. Maybe that’s just us. In any case, you can have a good chuckle at the girls dressed up as their favorite anime characters and the geisha and samurai holding hands on the escalator.

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