Top 5: Flicks to Catch This Summer

June 1, 2012, 12:39 a.m.

The countdown ‘til summer is at under two weeks, and what is more summery than going to the movies? Movie theater air conditioning provides a respite from the heat, and producers are counting on your retreat into the dark cool, so they’re saving their best for this sunniest of seasons. Here are five of the movies we’ll be watching this summer.


“Safety Not Guaranteed”

A man places a wanted ad requesting someone to accompany him on his time-travel expedition. A magazine writer (Jake Johnson, “New Girl”) and two interns investigate the story, with the fantastic Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”) answering the man’s ad. Look for a task as interesting as this one at your summer internship. From the producers of “Little Miss Sunshine,” this has potential to be a dysfunctional yet charming romp with a hint of magic.


“The Campaign”

Will Ferrell stars as a sleazy fifth-term incumbent for Congress locked in a cutthroat campaign against Zach Galifianakis, a dweeby citizen with political aspirations. The satirical look at political game-play and promises made feels especially relevant in an election year. This movie could do for politicians what Ferrell has done for anchormen and figure skaters. That is to say, make them even more quotable and better dressed.


“Magic Mike” 

Channing Tatum stars as a successful stripper who dreams of designing furniture. Tatum was a stripper before he was an actor, which gives him both authenticity and authority in this role. He proved his comedic skills in “21 Jump Street and his dancing skills in “Step Up.” A combination of hilarity and exotic dancing could make for Tatum’s best performance yet.


“The Dark Knight Rises”

It’s basically a classic before its release. As the final installation in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy and the last to cast the stern Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, “The Dark Knight Rises follows our superhero as he returns from near-exile to take down a terrorist leader. With the cultural relevance of terrorism and the ever-tanking economy, not to mention the obvious draw of another Nolan masterpiece and superhero flick, this film will be a blockbuster worth seeing, if not just for the reunion of almost the entire “Inception” cast.



What’s summer without a Pixar film? “Bravetakes us back in time to the Scotland Highlands where Merida refuses to conform to the expectations of young women and ends up invoking an awful curse that turns her kingdom into a chaotic mess. But she is brave and fixes it. Not only is this the first Pixar film with a female star, but “Braveis also the first Pixar film starring a redhead (unless we count Nemo). Progressive representations aside, this film is sure to be a beautiful artistic achievement.

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