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July 26, 2012, 2:27 a.m.

The Unofficial Stanford-centric Guide to whom you should follow on Twitter.

Sports Studs

Nicole Gibbs ’14 : @Gibbsyyyy

Who: WTA player, 2012 NCAA singles, doubles champ.

Twitter stats: 376 followers, 782 tweets

Sample tweet: That awkward moment when you realize you’ve been watching the weather channel for the past 20 min #outofit (7/16/12)

Twitter theme: Days in the life of a tennis star.


Mark Madsen ’00: @madsen_mark

Who: Stanford asst. basketball coach. Lakers, T-Wolves, two-time All-American.

Twitter stats: 18,208 followers, 408 tweets

Sample tweet: OchoCinco (NFL player)said he’s going to live with a fan for 3 weeks while he gets used to his new city. cool? strange? great marketing?(8/10/12)

Twitter theme: Mostly business


Kerri Walsh ’00: @kerrileewalsh

Who: Two-time Olympic gold, four-year first-team All-American, 1999 National Player of the Year

Twitter stats: 21,320 followers, 2,003 tweets

Sample tweet: “Trying times are not the times to stop trying. – Ray Owen” a reminder for us all (6/26/12)

Twitter theme: Lots of photos of her kids


Tiger Woods: @TigerWoods

Who: 14-time major championship winning golfer

Twitter stats: 2,487,639 followers, 259 tweets

Sample tweet: On Twitter? Every 1.7 seconds. RT: @Randyinvegas How often do you get offers from people to help you with your golf game? (4/17/12)

Twitter theme: An Oscar speech in 140-character chunks– lots of thank-yous and a couple jokes


Michelle Wie ’12: @themichellewie

Who: Star golfer

Twitter stats: 86,811 followers, 1,929 tweets

Sample tweet: Looking forward to my snuggle-fest with my lola bear this rainy afternoon (5/14/12)

Twitter theme: Commentary on sports and cooking


Nneka Ogwumike ’12: @Nnemkadi30

Who: L.A. Sparks forward, 2012 WNBA Draft #1 overall pick

Twitter stats: 9,932 followers, 3,158 tweets

Sample tweet: #PLL (7/10/12)

Twitter theme: Blowin’ up your timeline


The Famous and Powerful

Condoleezza Rice: @CondoleezzaRice

Who: Fmr. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State

Twitter stats: 30,045 followers, 167 tweets

Sample tweet: Congratulations to Stanford’s Andrew Luck being selected #1! Go Colts! (4/16/12)

Twitter theme: Following the ultimate campus celebrity


Ben Savage ’04: @BenSavage

Who: Cory from “Boy Meets World”

Twitter stats: 131,527 followers, 1,276 tweets

Sample tweet: A cute girl at the gym just caught me singing along to Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”… Whoops. #ImGonnaMissYouLikeAChildMissesTheirBlanket (7/23/12)

Twitter theme: Jokester, self-described Zac Efron fan


Joel Stein ’93: @thejoelstein

Who: L.A. Times, TIME Columnist

Twitter stats: 974,476 followers, 1,902 tweets

Sample tweet: Every Bastille Day I think the same sad thought: I have never stormed anything. (7/14/12)

Twitter theme: Calls himself a “self-promoting whore”


Rachel Maddow ’94: @maddow

Who: MSNBC’s most-watched primetime anchor

Twitter stats: 2,165,547 followers, 1,628 tweets

Sample tweet: Her arm is really never going to get better if she keeps doing this: [links video to British MP Anne Marie Morris’s gesticulations in the House of Commons while one of her arms is in a sling] (7/12/12)

Twitter theme: Journalist by day, bartender by night


Campus Celebrities

Stewart Macgregor-Dennis ’13: @macgregordennis

Who: Entrepreneur, former ASSU vice president

Twitter stats: 62,864 followers, 780 tweets

Sample tweet: Been studying for finals and listening to a montage of Muhammad Ali on repeat for the last nine hours. (3/18/12)

Twitter theme: Keeping us updated on how to find success


Feross Aboukhadijeh ’12: @FreeTheFeross

Who: Computer whiz, built YouTube Instant

Twitter stats: 3,988 followers, 5,795 tweets

Sample tweet: Type “Illuminati” backwards in your browser, followed by .com! zOMG EVERYONE IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!!1 (7/15/12)

Twitter theme: Lots of current affairs links


Rob Reich: @robreich

Who: Associate professor of political science

Twitter stats: 2,259 followers, 1,828 tweets

Sample tweet: On being confused with Fmr. Scy. of Labor: “better ‘the other Rob Reich’ than ‘the Rob Reich you’ve never heard of'” (5/25/12)

Twitter theme: The intersection of sports, politics and NGOs


Ralph Nguyen ’12: @ralphamale

Who: YouTube celebrity

Twitter stats: 1,512 followers, 463 tweets

Sample tweet: Showering with Vibrams on: good idea in theory, terrible in practice 🙁 (10/3/10)

Twitter theme: Musings from the man who brought you MemeChu

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