Forty-nine students await housing assignment

Sept. 18, 2012, 2:02 a.m.

After passing through the Draw and the waitlist round unassigned, 49 undergraduates who do not have guaranteed housing remaining are still without an assignment for fall quarter.

Of the 215 students who were left without housing after the Draw in the spring, 125 were guaranteed. Eighty-six students were assigned during the waitlist round, and 74 more during continuous assignments, whittling the number down to 49.

“R&DE Student Housing is very pleased to have successfully met the undergraduate housing guarantee again this year, especially given a larger freshman class, increased applications from upper-class students in the Draw, and a hot off-campus rental market (off-campus rentals are increasing in cost and availability of apartments is down),” wrote Rodger Whitney, executive director of R&DE Student Housing, in an email to The Daily.

In addition to those who were not assigned housing, 95 students applied for reassignment after the spring draw. According to the autumn 2012 undergraduate waitlist statistics posted on the R&DE Student Housing website, 62 of those 95 were successfully reassigned. The remaining students kept their original assignments.

In comparison, during the 2011 autumn waitlist round, 103 students applied for reassignment and 49 were reassigned. In 2010, 86 students applied for reassignment, with 46 successfully reassigned.

“The number of students applying for reassignment has been quite low these past few years,” Whitney wrote. “The feedback we’ve had from students is that the many capital improvements we have made in our houses over the past few years have brought much more equity in facilities, so that students are generally happier with their first assignment.”

Students requesting reassignment are doing so more frequently to deal with split draw groups and groups of friends seeking proximity on campus than to deal with dissatisfaction, according to R&DE Student Housing. Housing added that the figures for which dorms students asked to be reassigned out of and into were not available.

“The changes in the Draw a few years ago provide students the opportunity to rank every single house as an option, which gives them more control over their assignment outcome, and this has probably also helped the numbers of reassignments decline somewhat in recent years,” Whitney wrote.

Some undergraduates will also find themselves in graduate housing, where priority is given to students who are 21 or older. This year, 60 undergraduate students will live in Rains House, traditionally a graduate residence.

However, according to Whitney, there is hope for students who no longer have guaranteed housing.

“Even some of the students who are not guaranteed will also be assigned as we receive cancellations from students whose plans have changed at the last minute,” he wrote.

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