8 Indicators You Should Work For Intermission

Oct. 1, 2012, 3:00 a.m.

8 Indicators You Should Work For IntermissionHave you ever felt like a plastic bag? Not even the one in “American Beauty?” Well you might suffer from physical displacement, or you might find your other plastic bag friends over at The Daily offices with Intermission in our bastion of cultural self-medicating. The following are indicators that the later is your diagnosis.

Someone once told you what you wrote was good.  And/or laughed, giggled, smiled, gasped or grew outraged by your penned point. While we don’t work for external validation, if other people like your artistic product and you remembered it, we’d like to talk. Bring your scented resume and tastefully thick business card. Romalian type. Moms, friends and creepy professors count, but if it came from someone without incentive or personal connection, we are really feelin’ it.


You consider watching television, seeing movies, listening to jams and peeping Instagram research.  “We go to Stanford, we’re always busy,” says the studious premed buried in p-sets and gross that’s already enough! We get you, you uncultured yahoos, but our breed of Intermission beasts make the time for our daily doses of cultural high. There are serious structural elements to plot and character that you can only learn by watching “Breaking Bad” episode to episode.


You’ve considered a pixie cut.  The boldness of your deliberation over pixie cut versus long layers but your ultimate reasonableness to hide amongst the crowd promises a levelheaded brazen aesthete whose intellectual sap we’d like to tap. Tap like sap, not like, “I’d tap that.”


You could recognize who Scott Schuman, Anna Dello Russo, Liandra Medine and Jane Aldridge (optional) are … by their aliases!! Okay, even if you don’t keep up on The Sartorialist clickin’ pics of ADR and The Man Repeller, or the portraits on Sea of Shoes, we can teach you that stuff! It’s more your appreciation that signals your place at home in the layout Batcave of The Daily.


You think @kimkierkegaardashian is the greatest thing since Goldman Sachs Elevator.  “Did you guys like the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians??? My whole life is an epigram calculated to make people aware.” If the intertext of Catholic existential philosophy and hyperreal exposé tele-persona under the visage of social media really gets your funny bone bouncing, Intermission’s the place for you! Especially if you also indulge in flagitiously delicious tweets of overpaid suits, we’ll take it! RKOI can count too.

8 Indicators You Should Work For Intermission
Courtesy of Twitter

Grammatical errors, fashion faux pas, cinematic travesties piss you off in a verbally or visually prolific way.  Have you noticed we don’t use Oxford commas (AP BAY–BY). Think the tracking shot is tired? Is it him and me, not him and I? Grab your reporter’s notebook and come with us.


“WATCH: Drew Barrymore Tries Fashion Photography With Charlotte Gainsbourg” —  that headline caught your attention.  Social media, required. Intended exposure to popular news a plus.


You know who really said, “To thine own self be true.” Not only that, but you also appreciate the adaptive prowess of “Clueless” and the socio-political commentary it makes on the follies of youth and the game of courtship.


If at least one of the above (or the pixie cut one + another) describes you, email [email protected] to join your brethren.

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