Q&A: Sober monitors at FMOTQ

Oct. 2, 2012, 2:40 a.m.

A total of 80 undergraduates were sober monitors at Full Moon on the Quad (FMOTQ) 2012 last night. According to Sophomore Class President Malika Mehrota ’15, sober monitors are supposed to encourage students to have fun, while staying sober throughout the event. Mehrota views sober monitors as an example of members of the Stanford community “looking out for each other.” She emphasized that the sober monitors would be a resource throughout the night and would be there to ensure students do not feel a need to drink in order to enjoy the event.

The Daily spoke to three sober monitors, Kimberly Bacon ’15, Natalya Thakur ’15 and Monica Dey ’15, before the event.


The Stanford Daily (TSD): What made you decide to be a sober monitor?

Natalya Thakur (NT): I really wanted to help the cabinet out and make sure that I could be of any help, especially to our younger classmen. FMOTQ can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done anything like it before.

Kimberly Bacon (KB): This is my second year as a sober monitor. I was a sober monitor for Frosh Council last year. Since Frosh Council hasn’t been elected yet, since Full Moon is so early, the sophomore class presidents asked that former Frosh Council members step in and help out.


TSD:What are you most looking forward to at FMOTQ?

NT: All the crazy bingo t-shirts that people are making and of course the great music.

KB: I’m really looking forward to the concert and the burrito bash. I’m also really excited to see the freshmen interact, since they’ve only been at Stanford for a few weeks. It’ll also be a good way to reflect on my freshman year experience.


TSD: How did you find out about being a sober monitor?

NT: Through the ASSU. I’m on the Sophomore Cabinet so for us, it’s widely advertised.

Monica Dey (MD): I am a member of Sophomore Cabinet, so I am required to be a sober monitor. However, I truly think that this is a great way to help out with one of Stanford’s greatest traditions and make sure everyone has a fun, safe time. I even recruited about ten of my friends to be sober monitors…and I’m sure the cool tanks were only part of the reason they agreed.


TSD: What are your responsibilities as a sober monitor?

NT: To roam around and make sure everyone is comfortable. I think the best thing we can do is be aware of our surroundings, hang out on the side and save the day if need be. I think it’s also important for us to show the people who do not want to participate in making out that you can still have fun.

MD: The role of sober monitoring this year is to be a visible, social presence, alleviating the fears and hesitation of the freshmen and showing that you don’t have to be blacked out to have an awesome time at Full Moon. We don’t want to be the police and ruin people’s fun, but we are also there to ensure that people get help…if they need it.

KB: There are a lot of various responsibilities. I am sober, and look after those who are intoxicated, check in with them and see if they need help from the staff. I also check IDs and make sure the crowds aren’t too large. We also help clean up after the event and make sure the event is running smoothly throughout the night.


TSD: Is there anything you are not looking forward to?

NT: The possibility of someone getting hospitalized would be horrifying, especially since this is an event the Sophomore Cabinet and class puts on for the entire university.

MD: I am not really looking forward to “care-fronting” drunk people if necessary; I just want the night to go smoothly and safely!

KB: It is awkward to have to interact with someone when they are naked.

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