Top 5: November Highlights

Oct. 29, 2012, 12:45 a.m.

Some months just don’t get enough credit. November is so much more than dropping temperatures and constant midterms. A closer look at these underrated 30 days of autumn joy shows how much potential this month can have. Here are a few of Intermission’s favorite November highlights.


Nuff said. As the quarter nears its close and the doom of finals approaches, Thanksgiving peeks its head just in time for you to eat away your sorrows, with pious reverence paid to our forefathers and without the shame of everyday binge eating. California’s perpetual heat begins to wane around this time, but luckily mashed potatoes and juicy turkey stuffing assist in packing on some extra pounds for warmth. Plus, after two and a half months of dining hall food, your palette will give its thanks to finally taste a little variety.

No Shave November

Yes, NorCal hipsters tend to celebrate this year-round, but for the rest of the gents out there November provides an opportunity to experiment with that chinstrap goatee-beard thing that Ryan Gosling pulls off so well. But, let’s not promote gender inequality here — ladies, you can participate too. Call it “Pas de Raser Novembre” and pass that razor to the trashcan so you can fully embrace your new French hippie persona.


Anyone who was born this month before the 21st is probably the best person you know. How could that be? Because that person is a Scorpio — fearless, passionate, loyal and all around awesome. The birthday bashes that take place this month always are the most elaborate and memorable, so don’t decline any party invites unless you want to miss the soiree of the year!

Democracy, yeah!

Every four years in the beginning of November, the country’s whole entire political atmosphere changes. Presidential elections, aside from the clamor of democracy, present the most visible chance for us new adults to exercise our influence over the government. Even though folks between 18 and 24 are the least likely to vote, Stanford students tend to defy this stereotype and get so heated by politics that they completely lose their California cool.

Sweater weather

From April to October, chances are the Farm is sunny and 80. But come November, adorable knits and trendy utilitarian boots make a comeback and steal the show. Scarves, skinny pants and sweaters, oh my! The trendy intellectuals show off how they are smart dressers too, and everyone around you looks cozy and stylish at the same time. And hipsters’ hoodies, scarves and beanies suddenly become un-ironic! Expert tip: Try out those fall pickup lines too. “Nice Northface. What do you look like down south?” Works zero percent of the time, every time.

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