ResEd to end Suites dining contract

Jan. 30, 2013, 2:24 p.m.

An external vendor will take over the administration of Suites Dining from the current student-run nonprofit Governor’s Corner Dining Societies (GCDS), ResEd officials said today in an email to Suites residents. GCDS’s current contract to provide food service to Suites residences will not be renewed for 2013-14.

(Courtesy of R&DE)
The Suites dining societies, Beefeaters, Avanti, Middleearth and Bollard, service the four Suites residences, Marx, Griffin, Anderson and Jenkins (Courtesy of R&DE)

Citing “University expectations of budget oversight, health and safety concerns and a pressing desire to lower the board rate,” ResEd Assistant Directors Aaron Buzay and Nate Boswell said that the decision not to renew Governor’s Corner Dining Societies’ contract for the 2013-2014 school year had been reached after “extensive review.”

GCDS employs four Suites chefs as well as a student CEO and CFO, kitchen managers and hashers.

“The department remains dedicated to employing student managers to run the Suites dining facilities in close cooperation with an independent, professional vendor,” the email read. No information was provided regarding the chefs’ contracts.

A controversial attempt two years ago by ResEd to contract Suites management to outside vendor Student Organized Services (SOS), which currently runs food operations on the Row, fell through after student complaints.

Suites Dining has been student run since 1982, making this the 30th consecutive year of autonomous student management. It is the only remaining student-run dining society on campus.

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