Pac-12 Tournament: Stanford loses thriller to Arizona State in overtime, 89-88

March 13, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

Hello and welcome to The Daily’s liveblog of the 2013 Men’s Pac-12 Tournament and the first round matchup between No. 8 seed Stanford and No. 9 seed Arizona State. Wisconsin. We’ll be updating this page with instant coverage and analysis. Please refresh this page for the most recent updates. All times are Pacific.

2:16: Huestis hits a three-pointer as time expires, so the final score is Arizona State 89- Stanford 88. Tough loss for the Cardinal to swallow as they lose yet another one-point game and one in which they had a late lead.

2:15 PM: ASU misses the first, but hits the second, and with eight seconds to go it’s all but over for the Cardinal. A missed shot goes out of bounds and Stanford has the ball with 1.5 to go. Still down 89-85.

2:14 PM: Gage gets two back with a tip in, but still little hope here in overtime.

2:14 PM: John Gage throws the ball away into the hands of an ASU defender and it’s a wrap at MGM arena with fifteen seconds to play and ASU up by 5.

2:13 PM: ASU gets it in, might have committed a backcourt violation but it isn’t called. Then Gordon hits two free throws when Stanford fouls, and now has the ball back. Here we go, down by three need a good look.

2:11 PM: ASU almost does’t get the ball inbounds, forced to call timeout with 40.1 to go and try once more to inbounds. They can’t get it in again and once more have to call timeout. This is insane. INSANE.

2:10 PM: Here we go. Bright and Carson dueling at MGM arena. Bright has 27, Carson with 34. Powell with 23. Who will ASU go to though?

2:06 PM: And down the stretch we go! Randle with a great hesitation and head fake, misses at the rim but Huestis there for the follow up. 84-83 ASU with 40 seconds to go. To foul or not to foul??

2:05 PM: Carson responds with a big three to give the Sun Devils a one-point lead with 1:35 to play.

2:02 PM: Huestis and Powell send Carson away at the rim. Huestis manning up today, now with six blocks in the game.

2:00 PM: Stanford wins tip but can’t covert on offense. Powell is HACKED down low but can’t get a whistle. He goes to the half hook and its all net.

1:56 PM: I don’t believe it. Stanford forces overtime as ASU can’t hit a contested three-ball at the buzzer. After being left for dead, this game has five more minutes to play.


1:54 PM: Woah woah woah, ASU misses a free throw, Huestis gets a friendly roll and it’s a two-point game!!!

1:52 PM: Card trying to make it interesting as Bright hits a three to cut lead to five, but just 1:03 left now. ASU will have to miss free throws for Stanford to have any hope. One foul away from the double bonus as well. Stanford calls its last timeout. Also, timeouts today seem to be like three times as long. More time for the Cardinal to stew over missed opportunities.

1:51 PM: Stanford forced to foul down the stretch here, and Sun Devils making free throws. 77-69 with 1:10 to play.

1:49 PM: Sun Devils up by eight with 1:25 to play.

(Bob Drebin/
(Bob Drebin/

1:45 PM: Jahii Carson stepping up big in his first tournament game. 29 points after two big buckets to give ASU a six-point lead.

1:37 PM: Bright with a BIG three. Stanford down by just one. ASU comes back and scores, but we have a legitimate barnburner on our hands here in Vegas. With 3:41 to play it’s now 68-65.

1:36 PM: Harris still killing it on defense, forcing a turnover and now Stanford down by four with the ball and just over four to play.

1:35 PM: Important sequence blown by the Card, as Harris with a steal and then he and Bright bungle the ensuing 2-on-1. ASU comes right back down and makes the Card pay. 66-60 with 5 to play.

1:33 PM: Jahii now has 20 points, and Stanford is doing well on the offensive end but still struggling to contain ASU on defense. 62-57 with six to play.

1:29 PM: It’s a three-guard lineup on the floor for Stanford with Harris, Bright and Randle. They throw inside to Powell for, imagine that, an easy lay up. FEED HIM.

1:22 PM: Nasty, nasty, nasty dunk from Dwight Powell. Bright misses a runner and Dwight is there to go up and SLAM it down. Dirty. You might see that one on SportsCenter. But ASU still with a four-point lead…and time’s running out.

1:20 PM: Stanford has to close out on shooters. I don’t know what else to say. Gilling hits another bomb in the corner as the shot clock winds down.

1:17 PM: Sun Devils faithful whistle in appreciation as ASU is locked in from behind the arc. Another three-ball gives them a six-point lead at 49-43 with 13:36 to play. Not bad when you’re 8-15 from behind the arc. Stanford must find a way to shut that part of ASU’s offense down because it is going to knock them out of the tournament in a hurry.

1:15 PM: ASU back to a three-point lead, but then Aaron Bright with a highlight-reel behind the back fake out and layup to cut the lead back to just one.

1:12 PM: Corner three by Randle makes it 41 all, and Stanford is hanging in there. Where is John Gage?

1:08 PM: Sun Devils bounce back quickly. Gilling hits a three and freshman Jahii Carson continues to prove he is the real deal, as he now has 16 points and is all over the floor. 41-38 ASU

1:05 PM: Back under way at MGM arena, and Stanford comes out firing. Huestis showing how much he has improved as a shooter with a pure three-point jumper and the Card retakes the lead, 36-35.

12:53 PM: Back to basketball. Stanford led by Powell, Bright and Gage. DP33 has 11, Bright and Gage with 8. Card needs to clean up on the glass better in the second half. Also need to close out better on ASU’s three-point shooters, which are 5-8 from downtown and killed Stanford’s momentum several times. Huestis is protecting the paint well, however, with five blocks and four boards. Dawkins should go back to Powell and Huestis inside and then let them kick out to the shooters as opposed to swinging the ball around and then ending up with tough looks.

12:52 PM: The cast of Rock of Ages performing Journey on the floor for halftime. Crowd not into it. Pretty brutal as more like a wannabe High School Musical concert. Great voices though…

12:47 PM: Harris forced to throw up a deep three with shot clock expiring, ASU can’t convert with 2.8 seconds to play and we go to the half ASU 35, Stanford 33.

12:45 PM: Gabe Harris draws a charge on a fast break with 40 seconds in the half. Big play giving Stanford a chance to tie things up or take the lead going into halftime.

12:35 PM: Plenty of reasons why the Card has climbed back into the game, but the play of senior Gabe Harris has definitely been one of them. Solid contribution off the bench, active hands on defense.

12:29 PM: Stanford getting bailed out on offense with a lot of whistles from the referees. ASU fans not pleased, and maybe not unreasonably with several no-calls on Stanford.

12:26 PM: 6:52 left in first half, Arizona State leads Stanford 31-24. Sun Devils still hot from the floor, shooting 61.9% and 5-6 from long range.

12:22 PM: Don’t look now but Arizona State has scored 10 unanswered points to take a 23-16 lead with 10:33 on the clock. Sun Devils 10-18 from field, Cardinal 7-17.

12:20 PM: Arizona State’s Jahii Carson with nine early points on 4-4 shooting. Stanford limited Carson to 15 points on 7-16 shooting back in January.

12:14 PM: ASU can’t miss either though, as Jahii Carson hits quick back to back buckets to tie things up at 11. Finally at the first media timeout, Arizona State leading 18-16 with 12:53 to play. Stanford shooting 7-11 from the field, Arizona State 8-13. Both teams with a couple three-pointers in a closely-contested first 7 minutes.

12:09 PM: Stanford getting some good looks early on. Cardinal shooting 4 of 5 as Huestis knocks down a jumper for the first basket of the game, Powell gets two quick looks and we’re off and running.

12:06 PM: 15th consecutive game with starting lineup of Aaron Bright, Chasson Randle, Andy Brown, Josh Huestis and Dwight Powell. That fivesome has an 8-6 record in previous 14 games.

12:05 PM: A rousing national anthem and starting lineups out of the way and now Stanford turns to business. This is and every game this week is a must-win for the Cardinal if it has any hope of getting to the NCAA Tourney.

12:01 PM: We are in the building, and the building is huge. The MGM Grand is hosting the tournament this year and plenty of fans from all over the conference packing the lobby. Not so much in the arena itself, which went with a shade of aqua marine for its seats that would be better noticed on TLC’s “What not to wear.” Seriously.


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