Top 5 places on campus for ProFros

April 26, 2013, 12:32 a.m.
Courtesy of David Gonzales
Courtesy of David Gonzales

Admit Weekend is here, and amid suitcases, wrinkled maps and ProFros asking where the restroom is when they’re, in fact, standing right in front of it, you may find yourself if anyone remembers that classes are still happening. The 5.7 percent is here, and as you take time to convince them to come to Stanford, take them to these classic campus spots to show them the best of the Farm.


The Quad

Perhaps the most touristy spot on campus, the Main Quad showcases all the grandeur of Leland and Jane’s lifestyle and gives you a taste of Stanford history without having to go to the kind-of-creepy mausoleum. If the parents are around as well, make sure they check out the little rose gardens next to MemChu for some peace and quiet.


The Adverb Wall in the GSB

Some of your more—ahem–academic ProFros will appreciate the swapping synonyms on the board right next to Coupa Café. You might even get to hear about how many of the words they saw on the SAT… But in all seriousness, the Adverb Wall can suck up time unexpectedly, so make sure to allot a couple extra moments as you attempt to figure out the pattern in which words come up (yes, there is one).


Engineering Quad

The Engineering Quad gets mixed reviews from students: some hate how ‘stark’ it feels, while others think the sleek Hewlett and Packard buildings are state-of-the-art. Whatever the case, there’s a chance your ProFro will be spending some serious time there (#allnightersatY2E2). Show them what’s up–and don’t forget to take them to Ike’s for lunch.


Rodin Sculpture Garden

For the more artistic or historically-stimulated ProFros, the sculpture garden outside Cantor Arts Center showcases a huge number of Rodin’s pieces–the largest collection outside of France, in fact. Bonus point: the café is awesome.


Bing Concert Hall

Also for the arts folks, Bing is the newest home to both Stanford performers and world-renown artists (Yo-Yo Ma, anyone?). The hall will be open for tours as well as a show on Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m. with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra and pianist Jon Nakamatsu.


The Claw

One word: fountain hopping. Because, really, what’s more Stanford?

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