Commencement Weekend in Photos

June 16, 2013, 11:42 a.m.

This year’s Commencement Weekend featured everything from lightsabers to time capsules and culminated in a keynote address by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the subsequent presentation of diplomas to graduating students in departmental ceremonies. As the Class of 2013 heads off into the “real world,” The Daily compiled the best photos from their last days on the Farm.

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1. Flagbearers prepare to lead the procession before Baccalaureate (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

2. Students assemble in Memorial Church before Baccalaureate (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

3. Valerie Kaur ’03 delivered the Baccalaureate’s keynote address (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

4. Jonathan York ’13 delivered the Baccalaureate’s student reflection (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

5. Professor of Computer Science Mehran Sahami ’92 M.S. ’93 Ph.D. ’99 delivered the Class Day lecture  (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

6. Commencement took place in Stanford Stadium (BOTAO HU/The Stanford Daily)

7. Graduating students entered the stadium to perform the Wacky Walk (BOTAO HU/The Stanford Daily)

8. Some students weren’t quite ready to leave (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

9. One student thanked his parents rather prominently… (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

10. …as did another (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

11. One family caught sight of their graduate entering the stadium (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

12. President John Hennessy delivered the ceremony’s opening speech (LARRY GE/ The Stanford Daily)

13. Provost John Etchemendy Ph.D. ’82 and Bloomberg share a laugh (BOTAO HU/The Stanford Daily)

14. Bloomberg subsequently gave the keynote address (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

15. (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

16. Students rose by school to acknowledge their graduation (LARRY GE/The Stanford Daily)

17. The Band concluded the ceremony (BOTAO HU/The Stanford Daily)

18. The Class of 2013 buried some memories in a time capsule (LINDA A. CICERO/Stanford News Service)

19. A newly-minted graduate embraces a relative outside the stadium (BOTAO HU/The Stanford Daily)

Find photos from this year’s Wacky Walk here.

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