Palo Alto’s newest ice cream shop, Cream, draws crowds

July 9, 2013, 12:09 a.m.
Photo by Angela Xu

With the warmth of freshly baked cookies and the chill of a generous scoop of ice cream regularly drawing lengthy lines, Cream, a newly opened ice cream shop on University Avenue, has proven to be a popular summer treat.

While Cream offers bars, brownies, cookies and ice cream, the shop’s bestseller is their build-your-own ice cream sandwich, priced at $2.50. Customers can choose from ten different varieties of freshly baked cookies and twenty different flavors of ice cream, including two flavors of soy ice cream, at any time from lunchtime to midnight.

The Daily tried two popular ice cream sandwich combinations suggested by the staff – snickerdoodle cookies with salted caramel ice cream and chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, both of which were relatively sweet – and a vegan ice cream sandwich to see if it was a satisfactory substitute. While the saltiness of the salted caramel ice cream brought out the sweetness of the snickerdoodle, the crunchy chocolate chip cookie balanced a crumbly texture with the soft smoothness of the vanilla ice cream.

Photo by Angela Xu
Photo by Angela Xu

The vegan ice cream sandwich ($4.49), made with banana walnut chocolate chip cookies and soy cherry chip ice cream, was surprisingly good. Although the vegan cookie was chewier and less crisp than the regular cookies, the generous amount of walnuts in it provided the satisfying crunch that the cookie lacked, and the soy cherry chip ice cream offered a creamier and less sweet taste. The sweetness of the vegan cookie masked the flavor of the soy ice cream while the tartness of the cherry blended well with the sweetness of the chocolate chips and banana to create a delicious ice cream sandwich safe for a lactose-intolerant patron.


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