Top 5 reasons Stanford is great in the summer

July 26, 2013, 8:13 p.m.
Courtesy of David Gonzales
Courtesy of David Gonzales

Even with most students away for the summer, the Stanford campus is the opposite of quiet as high school students and visiting undergraduate and graduate students spend time on the Farm for jobs, camps and internships. Here are five of the perks that make campus a great place to spend the summer.

California weather
Despite the uncharacteristic humidity and cloudiness that has plagued Palo Alto recently, there is no lack of heat and sunshine in this city during the summer. Pleasant, bright days are the norm in this suburban corner of the Bay Area, and the mild and sunny weather creates an excellent environment for all of your favorite summer activities – hiking, swimming or, even better, lounging around doing absolutely nothing.

Work opportunities and internships
The hustle and bustle of the Stanford campus during summer quarter can be largely attributed to the vast array of employment or research opportunities that are on offer. Various schools and institutes within the University offer postdoctoral fellowships and undergraduate internships, furnishing students with incredible learning opportunities in addition to new résumé items. In addition to the jobs offered on campus, many opportunities are also available in Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Open and spacious campus
When it comes to beautifully landscaped campuses, they don’t come much more majestic than Stanford. With most areas of campus accessible by bike, the historic sites, myriad fountains and abundance of different trees offer an awe-inspiring experience that is unavailable at any other campus in the country. During the summer, the open concept of the campus promotes activity and liveliness. The combination of 19th-century architecture with the newer, more modern buildings creates a unique and airy environment to study, work and socialize in.

Proximity to beaches
In the true spirit of summer, another advantage of Stanford’s campus relates to its location – and the accessibility of nearby beaches. Stanford is conveniently nestled far enough away from the coast to avoid beach-town fog and chill, but within driving distance to still enjoy everything NorCal beaches can offer – crisp air, soft sand and warm water. Find a more detailed list of the best beaches near Stanford here.

When the sun goes down in the summer, an area within walking distance of Stanford comes to life: Palo Alto’s University Avenue. Decorated with Christmas lights and showcasing occasional street music, this downtown district harnesses the energy of young couples, families and college students to provide an exciting nighttime experience. The dining opportunities are innumerable, and the warmth of a July evening is perfect for a walk along the array of shops and stores. Another nightlife centre not too far from campus is in Mountain View, on Castro Street. Castro is rich with cultural shops and restaurants from all across the globe. On the weekend, when Castro is flooded with energy and ebullience, the memory-making possibilities there are endless.


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