Tidbits With: the Stanford Dollies

Oct. 18, 2013, 3:22 a.m.

The Dollies are a Stanford institution. Actually, scrap that — they’re a national staple. Since the 1950s, they have been setting fields and hearts across the land afire with their hotter-than-sriracha hijinks. After all, what would the Rose Parade have been without our glamour girls leading the way? Would ESPN still be in business without these sizzling sirens? Most importantly, would America even be a global political powerhouse without the Cardinal queens of choreography?

The Dollies enter Stanford Stadium during their first home game. (Courtesy Alvaro Ponce)
The Dollies enter Stanford Stadium during the school’s first home game. (Courtesy Alvaro Ponce)

We think not. Which is why, for our inaugural Tidbits With, we sit down with the five divas — Lindsay Fiorentino ’16, Leigh Kinney ’16, Heather Glenny ’16, Courtney Yang ’16 and Amelia Chen ’16 — to talk about such pressing issues of culinary importance as kale chips, ice cream-filled donuts and Love Bitches.


What is the Dollies’ preferred Bay Area restaurant?

Dollies love going out to eat, but really, at the end of the day, it’s home cooking that takes the cake. (No, literally. Usually a red velvet cake.) If we absolutely had to pick, though, our favorite place is Jimmy V Sports Cafe, which is conveniently enough right on campus. The mocha shakes are amazing, but it’s really that peanut butter banana milkshake that keeps us coming back for more.


What is the go-to recipe in the Dollie House?

Kale chips! Rub olive oil into pieces of raw kale, spread them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and any other spices you love. Bake at 350 ºF for about 15 minutes or so, until they become all crisp and the edges slightly browned. It’s so tasty, even Lindsay — who is strictly anti-vegetables — is a huge fan.

Thai or Mediterranean?

Thai, duh. As part of our extensive food research we’ve tried both Siam Royal and Oren’s Hummus on University Avenue, and Thai unanimously won. We can’t say that’s not a function of the fact that three out of five of us are part Asian, though.


What’s the Dollies’ prediction of the next big food trend?

We really want to say “bitches,” because we’ve been listening to that ridiculously catchy Accidentally Fresh song Love Bitches (“I love bitches ‘cos they’re so delicious / I love bitches”). But, uh, this is a serious and respectable publication so we’re probably going to go with ice cream-filled donuts. Yep.

What would the Dollies’ last meal be?

Cream or Sprinkles cupcakes, because yum. #thatisall.

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