Fifty-two cases of illnesses reported at FloMo

Oct. 31, 2013, 2:52 a.m.

Fifty-two cases of illnesses have been reported in Florence Moore Hall (FloMo) – four students were sent to the Stanford Hospital –between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, with the norovirus suspected as the cause, according to a University press release.

The norovirus is commonly spread through unclean hands, and possible transmission sources include food contaminated by an infected person, serving utensils and door handles.

FloMo dining was still operating on Wednesday.

“The chefs in the dining hall were being very, very tense,” Arnav Marinala ‘17 said.


The illnesses began as early as Tuesday afternoon, said Alexandria Price ‘14, Peer Health Educator for Gavilan.

“I ate [at FloMo] Monday, and [Tuesday] night I started uncontrollably vomiting for five hours straight…every 20 minutes, like clockwork,” said a junior female FloMo diner who wishes to remain anonymous.

Price added that the FloMo dining staff has been following standard protocol to alleviate the situation by delivering food to individuals that felt ill. The dining hall staff reportedly also sanitized the dormitory areas.

“It was a good handful of people getting sick at once [Tuesday], so it seemed like something serious,” said Johnathan Bowes ‘15, a Residential Assistant in Cardenal.

Bowes and other FloMo staff members have not been informed as to what the cause for these cases were.

The article incorrectly stated food poisoning was the cause of the illnesses. A University press release stated that the norovirus is believed to be the cause, though it is possible that the virus was spread via food. This article will be updated.

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