Fashion on the Farm: the science behind style

Nov. 1, 2013, 2:44 a.m.

Fashion, at its essence, is an art. A beautiful outfit can inspire, awe and amaze just as effectively as any art piece hung in a gallery. The problem with art, however, is that quality takes time — the one thing that every college student lacks. For a student on-the-go, looking fashionable can be intimidating. It seems impossible to look good in a pinch, but when it’s 9:50 a.m. and you have to be in class by 10 a.m., there is definitely a way you can transform from pajamas to put-together in under five minutes flat. How? Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll never have to spend precious morning time on looking good ever again!

Finishing off an outfit can be as simple as a bright-colored coat! (CLIFF OWL/The Stanford Daily)
Finishing off an outfit can be as simple as throwing on a bright-colored coat! (CLIFF OWL/The Stanford Daily)
  1. Create “go-to” outfits. Pre-planning outfits that are easy to throw on in a rush is a simple way to be prepared if you are running late. Go to your closet right now. Find pieces that work together. Find things that you know you look good in and make a mental note of those things, so that when you don’t have time to search for an outfit that works well, you already have pre-selected outfits that you can rely on. “Go-to” outfits tend to fall in the category of simple but chic. Examples include a V-neck tee, printed or colorful scarves, and skinny jeans or an oversized sweater and tights.
  2. Layer it up. The key to looking effortlessly good is a completer piece. There is a simple science to style, and for the most part it follows the equation: bottoms (dark wash jeans are casual but classy — perfect for class) + top (flowy blouses or printed tees work well) + completer piece (a jacket, blazer or cardigan) = simple but put-together outfit. The completer is key; it ties up the look and literally “completes” the outfit. If the outfit is bland or lacking in texture or print, a printed completer piece (think stripes, florals and plaid) will add so much more interest to the outfit. There is a fine line between minimalistic and boring, and completer pieces ensure that you look anything but mundane. My favorite completer piece for fall is a jean jacket. It’s very retro and is such an easy way to look good without really trying, and the additional of accessories like necklaces, bracelets and scarves are simply icing on the cake.
  3. Know what style you want to exude. Are you going for a punk look? Try ripped jeans, a rocker tee emblazoned with the name of your favorite band and a studded leather jacket. Do you want a more girly look? Try a skater skirt, a button-up blouse and a cardigan. The equation may stay the same, but the variables can change dramatically, and that is where your creativity can come into play. Wear clothes that you are drawn to. Clothing can genuinely spark emotion, so if you feel excited when you see a certain clothing item, go with your gut. Create your style based on what excites you, or draws emotion out of you when you see it. Fashion is so much more fun when you genuinely love what you’re wearing.
  4. Realize that dressing well and dressing sloppily essentially take the same amount of time. Think about it. Putting on a pair of pants vs. a pair of sweats takes probably a millisecond longer, but it will result in so much more confidence. Dressing to impress is a simple but extremely effective way to boost self-esteem. It may seem shallow, but looking good has a very real effect on how you see yourself. When you look your best, you feel your best and other people will be attracted to your positive vibes.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to get glammed up in a pinch. Use these rules, and you can look as fierce as Beyoncé every day of your life. Just imagine the possibilities…


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