Fashion Spotlight: color, texture and shine

Nov. 1, 2013, 1:50 a.m.

It’s time to talk about what every single outfit needs. I’m talking every outfit you ever wear. Ever. Ready?

All it needs are three simple components: color, texture and shine. Are you at a point in your life where you find yourself agonizing over what to wear every morning? Or have you simply given up, deciding to look like a mess every day? Not to worry, I am here to help! Putting together a polished and fashionable outfit will now be as easy as one, two, three.

According to Fashion Columnist Laynie Stephens, all your outfit needs is a little bit of color, texture and shine to succeed. (RENJIE WONG/The Stanford Daily)
According to Fashion Columnist Laynie Stephens, all your outfit needs is a little bit of color, texture and shine to succeed. (RENJIE WONG/The Stanford Daily)

1. Color: Let me stress again: every outfit needs it. Now I know I just wrote an article last week about how I’d wear all black every day if I could, but even an all black outfit needs some color, such as those neon pink nails I mentioned. Add something catching to the eyes. What color should you wear, you may ask? Although cobalt blue is the it-color of the season, I’d argue it’s becoming overrated. Change things up with some soothing yet stylish colors — my favorites this season are rose and olive. They’re sophisticated, simple and classy. Pink and green? Never. But rose and olive are their perfected shades that add just the right amount of style to change up your daily look.

2. Texture: Another necessity. Please don’t wear outfits composed of all the same texture or materials (I’m talking sweatpants and a sweatshirt, denim and chambray, and those horrific velour track suits). Adding texture is a great accent to an outfit that makes it interesting — it makes people want to look at what you’re wearing, which in effect makes them look at you.

Easiest textures for the season: knits or lace. Bonus points if you put them together in an outfit. Feeling bold and want to have a lot of texture in today’s look? I dare you to whip out that studded shirt you wore once and buried in your closet — we all know we have one, and if you don’t you better get on it. Pair it with a basic cardigan and colored scarf, and it will bring just the right amount of detail to your look.

3. Shine: We all get distracted by shiny objects, right? As long as you’re not walking around like a disco ball, adding a bit of shine to every outfit is a must if you want to get noticed. My favorite is a patent leather flat — a simple addition to any outfit that truly makes all the difference. Want to add a little something extra? Consider a killer gold statement necklace or some metallic bracelets. Too much for you? Even some shiny earrings will work!

Now that you have the necessary inspiration, go out and be fashionable, my people. I will be watching for that color, texture, and shine in your everyday looks, so don’t disappoint!

Weekly challenge: Spend more than 30 seconds getting dressed in the morning, and think about what you’re putting together! I’d recommend planning your outfit the night before — you’ll thank me the next morning you’re late to class and don’t have to spend the time searching for your shirt again in that pile of clothes.

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