Flashback Friday: Richard Sherman on Valentine’s Day traditions

Feb. 13, 2014, 11:33 p.m.

In one of Stanford’s most established Valentine’s Day traditions, freshman boys roll out their female dormmates early in the morning of Feb. 14th and serenade them with songs, candy and flowers. In 2007, however, this tradition prompted a heated series of emails between West Lagunita residents upset by being woken up early. At the center of the exchange was Richard Sherman ’10, All-Pro Stanford graduate and Super Bowl champion, who expressed his opinion on the debate, according to Deadspin, as follows:


To all You assholes complaining,

If you dint like it live in another dorm next year then because tradition is tradition and If your Homosexual don’t celebrate the holidayy if its that big of a deal but im tired of yall complaining about a couple of hours of sleep yall are some assholes. Stop bitching and fuckin adapt I wake up that early everyday and I aint complaining so you guys really need to just shut the fuck up. Everyone else had fun so fuck the people who are complaining

Richard Sherman


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