Stanford ranks fourth in world for teaching and research, third for reputation

March 11, 2014, 9:56 p.m.

Stanford was ranked fourth in the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings, trailing behind the number one Caltech and the tied Harvard and Oxford at second.

The World University Rankings employ 13 criteria centered mostly on teaching, research and citations (30 percent each) with 7.5 percent coming from international outlook of its people and research, and 2.5 percent coming from the income a university receives from industry for its research.

The first-ranked Caltech has a score of 94.9/100, while Stanford’s score was 93.8, trailing behind Harvard and Oxford by 0.1 points.

By subject, Stanford placed first in arts and humanities and social sciences, second in engineering and technology (behind MIT), and fifth in clinical, pre-clinical and health, physical sciences and life sciences.

In the World Reputation Ranking, another ranking by the same group which instead considers the opinion of academics around the world, Stanford placed third, behind Harvard in first and MIT in second.

Alex Zivkovic is a Desk Editor for the news section who likes to cover stories on academics and student activism on campus. Alex is a sophomore studying Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity with an interest in representation of gender in literature and visual art. He is from Irvine, California. To contact Alex, email him at aleksa ‘at’

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