Aziz Ansari tickets sell out

April 1, 2014, 9:24 p.m.

Tickets for an April 4 performance by comedian Aziz Ansari sold out in minutes yesterday evening, with students unable to claim tickets shortly after they went on sale online at 8.00 p.m.

Cardinal Nights, the alcohol-free programming initiative that was involved in organizing the event, quickly moved to prevent any illegal re-sales of the tickets.

In an email to the general student body, the initiative cautioned that tickets were being sold on a newly created black market for hundreds of dollars. In a policy change to prevent illegal ticket resale, the name on the ticket and the student ID of attendees will have to match for admission to the show.

The event had previously elicited controversy when it was moved from Memorial Auditorium to the significantly smaller Dinkelspiel Auditorium, due to space conflicts with the performance of “Les Misérables” next week. The ASSU Undergraduate Senate had given the Stanford Speakers Bureau, the organization hosting the event, an extra $20,000 under the understanding that the event would “significantly benefit the entire Student [sic] body” rather than a smaller subset.

Senate Bill UGS-W2013-3, written by John-Lancaster Finley ’16, stated that “SSE should immediately transfer the amount of $20,000 from the Undergraduate Buffer Fund to the Associated Students of Stanford University Speakers Bureau; and THAT The transfer be made to the SPEAKERS SPEC FEE HONORARIA FEES account (SSE Account #2-5052-2-5-6310).”

By time of press, The Daily was unable to confirm whether the transfer of funds remains valid given the location change.

Nitish Kulkarni '16 is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He writes about technology and breaking news, and runs online content sections. Email him at nitishk2 'at'

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