Senior Sit Down: Brett Michael Doran

May 14, 2014, 11:38 p.m.

In the third 2013-14 edition of “Senior Sit Down,” The Daily’s Michael Peterson chatted with baseball senior Brett Michael Doran.

Michael Peterson (MP): First off, does it feel real to you that you’re a senior with just about a month left here on the Farm?

Brett Michael Doran (BMD): It’s weird. It went by fast and thinking about it, we have eight games left in the season and only eight games left in my collegiate career. It’s definitely a weird thing and it’s hard to get a grasp of that.

MP: What is it like being an everyday starter on the team this year?

Senior second baseman Brett Michael Doran (above)
Senior second baseman Brett Michael Doran (above) has been a solid cog in the Cardinal lineup, batting .242 with one homer and 18 RBIs and a .337 on-base percentage in 45 games played this season. (BOB DREBIN/

BMD: It’s been awesome. My first three years, I got some playing time but mostly pinch hit here, had a spot start here and there — so getting to play every day has been awesome. It’s been a lot of fun. I enjoyed my time even when I wasn’t getting to play as much, still getting to be around the guys. But being on the field makes it that much better.

MP: On a different topic, obviously Milford, Connecticut is a pretty long way from Stanford. Has it been difficult or been much of a culture shock moving out here?

BMD: It’s definitely different out here in Northern California than it is back home. But I’ve enjoyed it and I actually have some family out here, so that’s made the transition a little easier. My dad has made every series this season, traveling across the country, and my mom has made it for a ton of series as well. It’s nice having my parents around. And the weather here is really nice. This winter was tough back home, there was a lot of snow, and I was out here enjoying the sun, so that’s definitely a nice change.

MP: What does it mean to you that your parents travel out here to see all your games?

BMD: It’s awesome. It’s nice to just have them there. I think they really enjoy getting to see me play. They’re really close with a lot of parents on the team, so they’ve kind of enjoyed their four years with the team as well.

MP: So are you a West Coast or an East Coast guy now?

BMD: Still an East Coast guy. I’ve definitely warmed up to the West Coast in some ways and I like it out here. I really do. But I’m still an East Coast guy at heart.

MP: For the past four years you’ve been able to play with a number of other guys like Danny Diekroeger, Brant Whiting, Sam Lindquist and AJ Vanegas. What’s it been like to play with this senior class for all four years?

BMD: It’s been great, I think this year’s team is the team with the most seniors since I’ve been here. Usually, you have a lot of guys who leave for the draft after their junior years, but for whatever reasons, guys didn’t leave last year. So we’ve had this core group of seniors now, and having that presence this year has really been a positive thing. Just having that senior leadership and the calmness, since we’ve kind of been through it before, has been helpful for the team and has made my senior year better too.

MP: What would you say are some of your favorite memories from your time here?

BMD: Favorite memories…Definitely making it to Super Regionals. That was just a cool experience, that whole thing. One win that stands out was I think my freshman year. We had a come-from-behind win against UCLA [Stanford scored four runs with two outs in the ninth to win]. I don’t remember the exact situation, but it was a big comeback win in the ninth to get a big series win. For whatever reason, that win stands out as being a pretty cool experience. I had a couple of good moments personally. I was able to have a couple walk-off hits. Those were cool. But mainly the postseason games, those were really fun to be a part of.

MP: And what about off the field and just on campus?

BMD: The thing I’m going to miss most about being here baseball-wise — the playing, obviously I’m going to miss baseball — but it’s just being with the guys every day. We spend so much time together. We’ve had some long practices where you just get close with one another. It’s not necessarily one story that stands out, but it’s the everyday interaction and the relationships I’ve been able to build that I’ll have forever.

MP: So I know your nickname is “B-Mike.” How did that come about?

Senior second baseman Brett Michael Doran (above)
Doran (above) hopes to have a professional baseball career, but aims to use his degree in Management Science and Engineering at a job in Minnesota if a shot at the pros doesn’t pan out. (SAM GIRVIN/The Stanford Daily)

BMD: My dad’s name is Brett and he did not want Brett Jr. and Brett Sr., so I’ve always gone by Brett Michael. Michael’s my middle name. People were okay with that, but Brett Michael’s a little long. So eventually, I forget, but someone who was not happy with saying Brett Michael was like how about “B-Mike”? And I was like you know what, that works. It’s a lot shorter and a lot easier. That happened some time in high school and it’s stuck ever since.

MP: I know you said you graduated last quarter. What was your degree in again?

BMD: Management Science and Engineering.

MP: What are your plans for when baseball season ends in about a month?

BMD: I have a job set up that I’ve accepted in Minnesota, so that’s big change as far as location. My dream is to still keep playing baseball, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s going to work out as planned. I’m excited for this job — I think it’s a good opportunity and I’m interested to see how Minnesota is.

MP: If you did hear your name called in the MLB draft, would you immediately go for that?

BMD: Absolutely.

MP: That would be awesome. If you do go to Minnesota you would go from the East to the West to the North — all kinds of weather. How did you figure out that you were going to go to Minnesota?

BMD: There’s a company that I’m definitely interested in working for and it owns a number of companies throughout the country. I wanted to do a certain program for the bigger company, and I was interviewing for that. They said there was an opening in Minnesota and at first I said, “Ah, I don’t know.” But I went (to visit) and when I received the offer, I realized that it was probably my best opportunity. I was like, “All right, I guess Minnesota is where I’ll work after the season.”

MP: What company is it?

BMD: The bigger company is called Danaher, and the specific company they placed me in is called Beckman Coulter.

MP: Cool. Is there anything you want to do before you leave for that?

BMD: I’m just trying to enjoy every day out here. Playing baseball without having classes is pretty much the dream for me. I’m just enjoying it, trying to take in every day I have on campus.

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Michael Peterson is a senior staff writer at The Stanford Daily. He has served as a beat reporter for football, baseball and men’s soccer and also does play-by-play broadcasting of football and baseball for KZSU. Michael is a senior from Rancho Santa Margarita, California majoring in computer science. To contact him, please email him at mrpeters ‘at’

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