SUDPS plans for safe Frost

May 16, 2014, 3:11 a.m.

The Frost Music and Arts Festival, set to occur this weekend, will be staffed by a variety of safety personnel. Deputies from the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS), private security from Landmark and emergency medical technicians from the Stanford Emergency Medical Services team (STEMS) will all work together to help keep the festival safe.

Safety personnel will be posted in a variety of locations during the event. There will be a deputy from SUDPS posted at each of the gates, as well as inside Frost Amphitheater. Although there will be deputies posted at every gate, access to the festival will only be permitted through two gates: one of them for general admission, and the other an express gate for those who don’t have bags or other items that need to be screened.

Alcohol is not allowed at the event, and visibly intoxicated individuals may be denied entry. According to Bill Larson, SUDPS spokesman, festivalgoers will be observed prior to entry in order to pick out individuals who have had too much to drink.

Furthermore, individuals are not allowed to bring alcohol into the venue, and if alcohol is found, ticketholders will be asked to return it to their vehicle or residence or to consume it where alcohol consumption is allowed.

Ralph Castro, associate dean of Student Affairs and head of the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education (OAPE), supported Frost as an alcohol-free event.

“We think it’s a great event,” Castro said. “We’re grateful that we get thousands of students that come and<\p>…<\p>[that] a vast majority behave appropriately.”

Smoking of any kind is also prohibited. Portable chairs and umbrellas are not allowed, nor are any wheeled vehicles, recording equipment, pets, glass or metal containers, Frisbees or generally any dangerous item that cannot be brought on an airplane.

SUDPS Deputy Pete Posada noted that the warm weather could lead to dehydration and urged concertgoers to adequately hydrate.

“Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself,” Posada said, adding that there will be water stations at the event and advising concertgoers to be familiar with where they are located.

Stanford residents and visitors should prepare for traffic disruptions in relation to the event. Portions of Museum Way, Lasuen Street and Memorial Way will be closed or will experience restricted access.

The preparations for securing this year’s Frost Music and Arts Festival follow a few incidents in past years’ festivals. Last year, a non-Stanford student was given an alcohol transport and a graduate student sought attention from paramedics last year due to drug use.

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